July 27, 2020
Contact: Rik Sehgal

LiveLawyers - Connecting People with Lawyers

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - People looking for online legal advice now have a better and quicker way of getting their questions answered. LiveLawyers.org is a new website that connects people with a local lawyer for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

LiveLawyers combines old and new technology to offer a solution to a common problem: getting good legal advice without leaving your home or office. Upon visiting LiveLawyers.org, users enter their information and are contacted within 30 minutes by a licensed attorney. All the user needs is a cell phone. No credit cards or other confidential information is required to have a free consultation.

Rik Sehgal, President of LiveLawyers, is a former practicing attorney who wanted to make high quality legal advice more accessible. “I think a lot of people see talking to a lawyer as a last resort or they think they can save money by doing it themselves,” Sehgal said. “In response to this, we created a website that gets your questions answered quickly and correctly. And if you actually need a lawyer you now have someone to reach out to.”

After the free phone consultation, each person gets an email with the other person’s contact information. Either side can follow up after the call to get more information.

Sehgal has been testing the site for the past year with colleagues to iron out the kinks. “It’s a little funny because lawyers are some of the least tech-savvy people I know,” Sehgal said. “But we’ve made this system so user-friendly that any lawyer with a smartphone can take their first consultation without any instructions or a demo.”

By instantly connecting users with a local lawyer to get answers to their legal questions, LiveLawyers provides a service that is faster, more accurate, and easier than relying on informational websites.

To learn more and start your free 15-minute phone consultation, please visit livelawyers.org.